Rental Lease Letter

By | June 4, 2012

A rental lease letter is a document which encloses all the details about a rental lease in a letter. In this letter, the details of the lessee and lessor will be mentioned along with the tenure of the lease. The letter will also talk about the amount agreed to be paid as the rent for the property along with other terms and conditions. In this letter, the lessee or lessor may discuss the terms of payments and the mode of payments to make future correspondences smoother.

Sample Rental Lease Letter:


John Nigel

ABC State



Dear Mr. Nigel (lessor),

We have reviewed your property located at D-654, Scarborough, North Yorkshire and we have decided to take it on lease. We would like to do all the formalities to commence the lease as early as possible. In the beginning, we would like to discuss the details on the same:

We would like the lease period to be 2 years which should be renewable after the expiration of this tenure. We will use the leased property for the residential purposes and for no other use. The rent agreed is $3000 per month for which we have agreed to pay the deposit of $10000 initially. We as lessee also agree to pay for all the utilities. The parking space provided must be used by us.

We also agree to take the responsibility to maintain the premises in good state as received at the beginning. Any damage will be repaired by us during the lease period.

We hope to get this lease agreed and started at the earliest.

Sarah Neilson (lessee)

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