Rental Leases

By | June 4, 2012

Rental leases are bonds which makes a lessee pay to a lesser for asset usage. A form of rental lease is a leasing contract between a lesser and lessee agreeing to some mutual terms and conditions on the matter of renting a property.
When you rent a property or apartment remember to fill out a rental lease form without fail. You can be sure that none of the party’s rights shall be violated only when this form has been filled and signed by both. It must contain data like:-

  • The name and address of both parties
  • The rental amount along with the fact as to the date when it should be paid to the landlord.
  • The lease term must definitely be mentioned.
  • The security deposits that must be paid by a tenant prior to using the property.
  • The number of occupants or number of people who shall be using the property must be mentioned.
  • The landlord can fix the total number of occupants and it must not be exceeded by the tenant.
  • Both parties must sign the agreement. It must also be mentioned that the landlord can ask the tenant to vacate under any circumstance as he deems fit.

Such forms must be handled with a lot of caution as they may easily be forged in order to dupe either party and can even become invalid. Legal and any such hassles can be avoided only in future if one conducts thorough clarifications of all the legal documents related to rental lease.

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