Rental Property Lease Extension

By | August 29, 2012

A rental property lease extension is a kind of a lease extension that is specifically made for the rental property which was previously leased by a lessee from the owner or the lessor. These extension documents are used to specify in detail all the terms and conditions on which the rental property lease is being extended and also the details of the rental property such as its address, area etc. Given below is a sample of a rental property lease extension that can be used by any person for reference.

Sample Rental Property Lease Extension:

This rental property lease extension is being made by and between the LESSOR and the LESSEE wherein the LESSOR has the ownership right over the rental property and the LESSEE agrees pay rent for the property for an extended period of time.

Commencement date of extension: 1st June 2012

Termination date of extension: 1st June 2013

The details of the parties:

LESSOR details:

Name: Paul Newmann

Residential Address: A-68, Marks Street, Paulo tower, CA

Phone: 4733823043

LESSEE details:

Name: David Hussey

Address: A-45, friend’s colony, CA

Phone: 472049234093

The details of the rental property:

Address: S-4, Jack Street, Jane square, CA

Purpose: Official

Description: Large piece of land located in a clean and populated area

Details of lease payment:

Lease per month: $400

Total lease amount: $4800

Terms and conditions of rental property lease extension:

  • The LESSOR and LESSEE agree to extend the lease on mutual agreement basis.
  • The LESSEE shall continue to pay the rental payments every month on the 7th day.
  • The LESSEE shall only use the property for strictly official purpose.
  • The LESSOR holds the right to inspect the property but only after giving prior notice to the LESSEE.
  • The LESSEE and LESSOR must continue to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned in the original lease document.


Paul Newmann

David Hussey

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