Residential Lease Format

By | June 15, 2011

A residential lease format is a document constituting the details of a residential lease. It serves as a design governing the inclusion and arrangement of the lease details along with the stipulations related to the residential lease. Since it is a document of important stature, in should be construed through consultation with lawyers.

Sample Residential Lease Format

This residential lease corroborates the fact that the tenant and the landlord of a housing property have entered into a deal and accepted the decisions by the court. They must swear to go by the decisions and make all efforts to avoid discussions later on.

First Paragraph: The first paragraph deals with direct information about the transaction. It must state the names and addresses of the concerned participants and the time period of the lease. The required documents must be provided in order to validate the information that has been supplied.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph has to provide the particulars of the housing property. The current price, location, and purpose of using it as abode should be mentioned separately with special emphasis on the fact that its defacement will be counted as a break of contract.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must enlist the stipulations that the lessee has to bear in mind while using the property. He has to abide by the stated norms. He may be charged with legal actions if there is a break of rule. It must also give the details about the witnesses who close the deed.

Signature of lesser: ____________________________

Signature of lessee: ____________________________

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