Residential Lease Letter

By | April 3, 2012

A residential lease letter refers to a lease document sent by either the owner to a tenant or vice versa where they put down the terms and conditions of a lease contract. Like any regular lease contract, this document contains the name and address of the parties involved and a description of the house to be leased. The rent and security deposit amount is mentioned and additional terms are included. But a residential lease letter is a more informal way of making and agreement, unlike a legal contract. Other conditions to be included in the letter can be the duration of the lease, any special instructions, advanced notice period and so on.

Sample Residential Lease Letter:


Adam Bomer,

292 Carpal Drive, Ohio

Subject: Lease of property

Dear Mr Bomer,

With reference to our conversation over the phone, I am writing to you to explain the lease terms regarding the lease of the property located at 277 Shadow Lane, Ohio. The house is two-storied building with a total area of 3,000 sq. ft. The tenant shall get the right to use the property and also the front yard, backyard and the garage.

The rent for leasing this property is $3,500 per month plus utility bills. The tenant must pay $7,000 as security deposit which shall be returned to him at the end of the contract. The term of the contract shall not exceed 1 year, after which the tenant can apply for the extension of the lease. The tenant shall be responsible for maintaining the house.

Thanking you,

Anthony Giles

288 Millicent Drive, Ohio

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