Residential Lease Template

By | June 15, 2011

A residential lease template acts as a support system for correct documentation of a residential lease. It evidently states the functions of a residential lease with added emphasis on the purpose of drawing up of the lease. It is mandatory for the lessee to use the property only for occupancy with family or alone and stick to the proposition for the entire valid period of the lease.

Sample Residential Lease Template

This residential lease legalizes a lease trasaction between the landlord and the tenant. They are required to learn the provisions made in the lease and understand them in their true perspective. Their personal and professional information must be correctly provided and all the details must be clearly listed down for the convenience of the parties involved. The requisites of the contract are as follows:

Name and address of lesser: __________________________ [Give appropriate details of the tenant]

Name and address of the lessee: ________________________ [Give appropriate details of the landlord]]

Date on which the lease is certified: _____________________ [Give correct date on which the deed has been closed]

Details of the house in question:

  • Address: __________________________
  • Location: ________________________
  • Area: ___________________________
  • Current price: ____________________ [Enclose all the duly attested documents pertinent to the lessee]

Date of commencement of lease: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Date of expiry of lease: _____________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Reason behind leasing: _____________________ [state the fact that the house has been hired for living with family]

Names and addresses of the witnesses:

  • Witness 1: ___________________________
  • Witness 2: ___________________________

Signature of lesser: _______________________

Signature of lessee: ______________________

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