Restaurant Equipment Lease Contract

By | January 6, 2015

Running a high end, busy restaurant may require for leasing out of certain equipment from time to time. The equipment can be restaurant kitchen equipment, restaurant cleaning equipment or any other such thing.

The restaurant equipment lease contract refers to the agreement which formalizes and legalises such an arrangement between two parties. The said contract must be framed with caution so as to record all the important details of the respective arrangement that has been made between the parties.

Sample Restaurant Equipment Lease Contract

Date of signing: 24th July 2014

This contract has been prepared to be entered by Mr. Neil Mason of Mason Enterprises Ltd. in accordance with Mr. Liam Garner of Garner Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. as on the date of signing mentioned above.

Hereon in the contract the former party i.e. Mr. Neil Mason is to be referred to as the lessor and Mr. Liam Garner as the lessee.

The contract states that the named lessee of the arrangement has leased out a number of restaurant equipments from the named lessor. The lease holds valid for a period of 10 months starting the date of signing.

Details of the lesser:

Name: Mr. Neil Mason

Company Name: Mason Enterprises Ltd.

Contact Address: 2354, Wayward Spirit, New Jersey, United States of America.

Contact No.: 3655234

Details of the lessee:

Name: Mr. Liam Garner

Company Name: Garner Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Address: 22nd and 3rd, Pencil, New Jersey State Area, USA.

Contact No.: 4657688799

Details of the equipment:

Description: restaurant cleaning equipment.

Terms of agreement:

  1. The lessee does not get the ownership rights to the equipment, though he is responsible for management and maintenance of the equipment
  2. Any damages to the equipment at the time of return shall be deducted from the security.
  3. This contract is a legal document and hence any violation is punishable by law.


_____________________                                                          _____________________

Mr. Neil Mason                                                                          Mr. Liam Garner

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