Retail Tenant Lease

By | July 9, 2012

The Retail Tenant Lease is a contract between a landlord known as the lessor and a tenant known as a lessee to lease a certain premises for a specific term, for the use as a retail store and for not any other purpose. The agreement is prepared by the lawyer and contains all the clauses regarding the lease and is duly signed by the lessor and the lessee.

Sample Retail Tenant Lease

The parties to the lease agreement are:

The Landlord: Johnny Marko

The Tenant: Amazon Retail

Address of the Property rented: 432, Camion Street, California, United States

Date of Commencement: 4th July 2012

Duration of Lease: 2 years

The landlord hereinafter known as the lessor have entered into a lease agreement of the above stated property with the tenant hereinafter known as the lessee. The lease is commenced under the following terms and conditions.

  • The lessor rents to the lessee the above stated property for the use as a retail store.
  • The lessee shall not do any activity other than related to the retail business and its operations.
  • The lessee is liable to pay a monthly rent of $ 15000 which annually amounts to $1, 80,000 in advance at the 7th day of each month payable by a cheque in the name of the landlord.
  • The lessee shall be subject to the amount of $25,000 which he has given the landlord as a security presently on the execution of the lease.
  • It is the duty of the lessee to maintain the premises and follow the general hygiene standard.
  • The lessee shall use the premises for lawful business operation and shall not exercise illegal practice in the leased place.
  • He lessor has a right to terminate the contract only on the serious or repeated breach of the terms and conditions agreed by the lessee by giving a 14 days’ notice.

The undersigned acknowledges all the terms and conditions of the contact.

Signature of the Lessor                                                                                                Signature of the Lessee

Date:                                                                                                                                Date:

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