Room Lease Contract

By | July 11, 2012

When an individual/ entity provide someone else with the legal permission to use a room for a certain period of time and on payment of a certain amount, then it is referred to as a room lease arrangement. A room lease contract is a document which records any such transaction between the lessor i.e. the individual who owns the room, and the lessee i.e. the individual leasing the room. The contracts are made to formalize the arrangement.

A sample of a room lease contract is being provided below for the convenience of all those who need to view or prepare a similar contract.

Sample Room Lease Contract:

Date on which this lease contract stands effective: 1st May 2012

This lease contract is being entered between Mr. Harrison Caulfield, to be referred to as the lessor and Mr. Patrick Jane, to be referred to as the lessee. The contract is signed on the effective date mentioned above.

As per the contract the lessor has leased out a room to the lessee for a said duration of 1 year. The terms are mentioned below.

Date of commencement of lease: 1st May 2012

Date of expiry of lease: 30th April 2013

Details of the Lessor:

Name: Mr. Harrison Caulfield

Contact No.: 213-523-486

Details of the Lessee:

Name: Mr. Patrick Jane

Contact No.: 587-363-756

Terms and Condition of Lease:

  • The amount to be paid for the lease i.e. the lease rent has been negotiated and the said payment has to be made annually i.e. within the first 3 months of the year.
  • The lessee has the responsibility of the maintenance and the repairs of the room.
  • The lessee cannot lease out the room to a third party at any point of time.
  • This is a legal contract and both parties must comply with all the terms of lease.


____________________________ (Mr. Harrison Caulfield)

____________________________ (Mr. Patrick Jane)

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