Salon Equipment Lease

By | August 29, 2011

A salon equipment lease is an outline of the clauses that bind all parties involved in a lease wherein equipment(s) for a salon are to be taken on rent or purchased. Salons are very much in trend these days and are performing appreciable business; hence, it is necessary that the latest equipments be present so as to profitably augment the process. Such a lease should, therefore, contain all details of the make and functioning of the equipment and related terms and conditions.

Sample Salon Equipment Lease:

Salon Equipment Lease

Download Salon Equipment Lease

Lease number: 3541973

This salon equipment lease is to confirm that I, Mathhew Rogers, as lessee, have taken a spa bed [model: SP 5283] and five dryer machines [serial numbers: 764 – 768] on lease, from the lessor John Bill, owner of Fashion Companies Pvt. Ltd., on the 2nd day of September, 2011. The equipments have been leased in proper conditions and have been said to be functioning perfectly. The lease will remain valid till the 4th of September, 2013. The details have been stated herein:

  • Date(s) of validity: 2nd September, 2011 – 4th September, 2013.
  • Payments done: An initial amount of $56000 has been already paid through cheque [cheque no.: 3674819] and the remaining $25750 will be paid on completion of the lease.
  • All identity, residential, company authenticity proofs have been submitted along with records of income as well. Photocopies have been attested and enclosed alongwith.
  • The signing of the deed has been witnessed by: Harvey Green [attorney general]
  • Any damage caused to the salon equipments will be considered as a serious breach of contract and will be punishable under law. The lessee will be subjected to a fine of $35000 and/ or an imprisonment of two years.


[Signature of lessee]


[Signature of lesser]

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