Sample Commercial Lease

By | June 15, 2011

A sample commercial lease is a document which serves as a guide to the framing of a commercial lease in an appropriate manner. Since a commercial lease is a legally binding document, it must be framed well and read or understood carefully. A sample commercial lease highlights how a commercial lease is framed.

Sample Commercial Lease

This agreement presupposes the fact the all parties involved in the commercial lease deal have carefully read and understood the terms of the contract and will solemnly abide by its conditions. The following are the particulars of the transaction:

Commercial lease number: 38478574

Name of lessor: Sunrise Promoters Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 56 B, Madison Avenue, New York.

Name of lessee: Jacobson Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 51 Tory Lane, New York

Date of drawing up the commercial lease: 4th April 2011

Date of validity of the commercial lease: 4th April 2011 to 4th April 2013

Details of the property to be transacted:

  • Name: apartment 21, Sunrise Properties
  • Address: 67D Madison Avenue, New York
  • Area: 1300 sq feet
  • Price: $200000

Purpose of leasing: The abovementioned apartment shall be used by Jacobson for commercial purposes. Any breach of this agreement will result in penalty [Check subsection 3{d} of the terms and conditions]

Witnesses ratifying this commercial lease:

  • Dr. John Cusack :____________________________ [signature]
  • Sheila McMahon: ____________________________ [signature]
  • Advocate Robin Tulli: _________________________ [signature]

I hereby declare that I have clearly read and understood all the terms contained in this agreement.

Signature of lessor: _____________________

Signature of lessee: _________________________

Date: 4th April 2011                                                                         Place: New York

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