Sample Lease Contract

By | June 15, 2011

A sample lease contract must act as a frame for the writing of effective and correct lease contract. Lease contracts are written following a certain prescribed format and thus a sample lease contract creates the scope of getting familiar with one, thus negating chances of mistakes while writing the actual document.

Sample Lease Contract

This lease contract must be read clearly and understood by all involved. All information provided here must be accurate and verified accordingly. The terms and conditions contained in the same are binding and all efforts should be made to uphold them. The following are the particulars of the lease contract.

This lease contract [number 8347855], drawn on the 4th of January 2011, is intended to verify the lease transaction between the lessor Joshua Gifford [Sunrise Realtors Pvt. Ltd, 12th New Jersey] and the lessee Mark Robinson [78 Madison Avenue, New York]. The item in question is an apartment [Flat number 23, Sunrise Apartment Complex, New Jersey] rented by the lessor to the lessee for the duration of three years starting 4th May 2011 to 4th May 2014.

The property in question occupies an area of 4000 sq feet and is currently priced at $40000000. This apartment shall be used for family occupancy only for the entire duration of the lease period. In case of any verified deviation, legal proceedings shall be initiated by the lessor. A list of the items provided along with the apartment is also attached [See annexure 2].

Signature of witness 1: _____________________

Signature of witness 2: _____________________

Signature of lessor: ________________________

Signature of lessee: ________________________             Signature of advocate: ____________

Date: ______________________                      Place: _____________________

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