Sample Lease Hire

By | June 15, 2011

A sample lease hire is a document which outlines the terms and conditions following which a lease deal between two individuals or organizations will be initiated. However, a lease hire can also be initiated by an employment agency, in which case it is a document which highlights the modules that are to be followed. It must be specific and to the point.

Sample Lease Hire

Lease Hire Number: 84758746

Date of drawing up the lease hire: 4th June 2011

Name of PEO: Ella Modeling Agency, an offshoot of Job Source Pvt. Ltd. [Henceforth referred to as the lessor]

Client company: Chique Fashion House. [Henceforth referred to as the lessee]

This document is based on the agreement that the lessor shall lease employees [in this case, fashion models] to the lessee company for the duration of three years. The criteria set by the lessee have already been notified to all concerned. The lessee will be required to make a security deposit of $100000 to the lessor, and remaining payments will have to be made according to the schedule drawn up by officials of both companies and attached along with this document [annexure 1].

The date of commencement of the lease hire is 10th June 2011 and the date of termination is the 10th of June 2014. All norms will be adhered to and the lessor shall be responsible for employee management including governing factors like insurance, grooming etc. The lessee shall not hire models from any other agency in the duration of contract.

Signature of [an official of] the lessor [company]: _____________________________

Signature of [an official of] the lessee [company]: _____________________________

Date: _____________

Place: _____________

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