Sample Lease Transfer

By | June 15, 2011

A sample lease transfer is a legal document ensuring a valid transfer of lease from one person to another with all the terms and conditions. This exchange of property takes place among three parties, the lesser, the old lessee and the new lessee. The new lessee has to accept the lease from the date of transfer. However, the old lessee will remain liable to the declarations made in the lease and will continue to be so till the lease expires.

Sample Lease Transfer

Lease Number: 29475

This lease transfer is to notify that I, Hanley Giselle, as lessee, wish to transfer the leased land [Description: 12 acres, Location: Belington] to a new lessee, Kerr Fin. The land has been leased from the lesser, Daniel Gottesman, owner of the land, on 15th January, 2010. The lease is valid till 15th December, 2010. The propositions and the validity of the term remain the same. The details are stated below:

  • Dates of validity: This lease extends from 15th January 2010 to 15th December, 2010 as proposed in the initial agreement. The lease will be transferred to the new lessee on 13th June, 2010. It will become functional from transfer date.
  • Payment made: A security amount of $780,000 has been paid at the beginning of the lease term by means of a cheque [Cheque number: 25746]. The remaining amount of $850,000 will be duly paid as the term of contract ends. The new lessee is required to make the remainder payments as and when the transfer is validated.
  • Proofs submitted: Residential Proof, Identity Proof, License and Income Certificate of the new lessee [Attested photocopies to be provided].
  • The transfer has been validated in the presence of: Advocate Ben Krasner.
  • In case of any mutilation of the leased property, there will be a violation of contract.
  • A violation of contract will subject the new lessee to a legally prescribed punishment. The contract is legally binding on the old lessee even after the transfer is made.

Signatures [in full]:  __________________________________ [Old Lessee]

__________________________________ [New Lessee]

__________________________________ [Lesser]

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