Sample Rental Lease

By | June 15, 2011

A sample rental lease serves as a premise for a lease on rent. It states both the exact amount to be paid as rent and the specific intervals at which the rents will be paid for the property in question. The amount is fixed by the lessor and the lessee is forced by law to accept it. This document acts as an evidence of the acceptance and any action on part of the lessee that is contradictory to the stated terms and conditions will have punitive results.

Sample Rental Lease

Lease Number: 80374

This rental lease is to confirm that I, Benetton Cruz, as lessee, have leased a house [Address: 45, Cook street, Davis City] from the lesser, Saramon Hunter, owner of the house, on 28th November, 2010. This lease is binding till on 28th December, 2011. The details of the contract are given below:

  • Date(s) of lease term: The lease is valid from 28th November, 2010 to 28th December, 2011.
  • Payment: The lessee will have to pay a rent of $46200 every month for the whole term constituting the lease with both months of commencement and termination inclusive.
  • Proofs submitted: Identity Proof, Relevant License, Residential Proof and Income Certificate [Duly signed photocopies of the relevant documents to be attached]. These documents have been duly attested by gazetted officers.
  • The deal has been closed in the presence of: Fulton Benz and Garry Sake [Lawyers of District court]
  • If the property is inflicted with any kind of damage, it will be considered breach of contract.
  • In case of breach of contract, the lessee will be subjected to punishment of 4 years of imprisonment and penalty of $ 45,000.

Signatures [in full]:  __________________________________ [Benetton Cruz]

__________________________________ [Saramon Hunter]

Date:                         __________________________________

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