Sample Residential lease

By | June 15, 2011

A sample residential lease works as a canopy of the agreements proposed in a lease. It is a prerequisite for application of a lease without any error. It enables the lessee to get accustomed to the style and method of writing a lease and is used for drawing up of a lease with the purpose of residing at the leased property.

Sample Residential Lease

This residential lease validates a lease operation between the lessee, Margaret Sachet (tenant of the house) and the lesser, Davis Clifford (landlord of the house). The house in question is located at 45, Cook Street, Cherry Hill.

This lease [lease number: 37441] has been created for a period of 2 years which extends from 15th January 2011 to 15th January 2013 against a security deposit of $ 50,000. The remaining payment will be made after the lease expires.

The house spreads over an area of 6000 square feet on two levels. This property will have to be used for residential purpose and change of purpose will have to be officially informed. As primary observation suggests, there is no dent, deformity or crack in any part of the property. In case of any such occurrence at the end of the term, the lessee will be liable to face court proceedings.

The terms and conditions have been clearly read and understood by the parties concerned. The information provided has to be true and must be validated with relevant proofs.

Signature of witness [Advocate]: _______________________

Signature of lessee:    _______________________

Signature of lesser:    _______________________

Date: _________________

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