Sample Tenant Lease

By | June 15, 2011

A sample tenant lease serves as a body of criteria adhering to which a tenant lease can be applied. A tenant lease refers to a lease given on rent by a landlord to a tenant which makes it a necessity to frame the lease terms with great care. The parties involved have to understand the underlying inferences in order to stay away from future complications.

Sample Tenant Lease

This tenant lease agreement proposes that the lessee, Henry Good is a tenant of the apartment rented out by the lessor, David Freeman. The lease has been drawn up on 16th April. 2011 and it ends on 17th April, 2015. Thus, the stipulated time extends for five years.

An amount of $100,000 has been duly deposited and the residual amount of $ 200,000 will be paid as the lease term terminates. The details of the property concerned are as follows:

Address: 5B, Gibson Connector, Florida Apartments, New York.

Area: 8000 square feet.

Current estimated price: $1600000

Condition: No visible disfigurement.

The apartment will be used for founding a nursery school for toddlers that would   remain functional for the whole term. It is compulsory for the lessee to testify the fact that he would abide by the stated use and not deviate from the purpose intentionally or unintentionally. The lease will be legally obligatory on the lessee failing which the lessee will be faced with charges of violation. In that case lessee will be subjected to penalty.

Signature of Lessee:      ______________________________

Signature of Lessor:      ______________________________

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