Short Term Lease Contract

By | July 11, 2012

A short term lease contract refers to those lease contracts which are prepared for the leases being issued for a short period of time. A lease contract is a record of a deal which is made between two parties- a lessor and a lessee. In the contract a commodity i.e. a land, property or an item etc. owned by the lessor is issued on lease to the lessee.

The lessee pays the lessor a certain amount of money for letting him/ she / it use the commodity being leased out. Given below is a sample of a short term lease contract were a lessor is leading out a shop to a lessee for a short time period of 6 months.

Sample Short Term Lease Contract:

This contract is being entered between Mr. James Hamilton, the lessor i.e. the owner of the shop and Ms. Anita Mathews, the lessee as on the date 23rd of April 2011. As per this contract Mr. Hamilton is leasing out one of the shops he owns to a Ms. Anita Mathews.

Date of commencement of lease: 23rd April 2011.

Date of expiry of lease: 22nd October 2011

Details of the Lessor:

Name: Mr. James Hamilton

Correspondence Address: 466, Willow Street, New Hampshire, USA.

Contact No.: 325-113-453

Details of the Lessee:

Name: Ms. Anita Mathews

Correspondence Address: 1356, Pesky Street, New Hampshire, USA.

Contact No.: 435-274-653

Terms and conditions of the lease contract:

  • The amount to be paid by the lessee for the lease issued is a onetime payment which has been mutually decided between the parties.
  • Over the short period of the lease, the lessee is not allowed to make any constructive changes to the property. If such changes are necessary, it may done on permission of the lessor only.


____________________________ (Mr. James Hamilton)

____________________________ (Ms. Anita Mathews)

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