Simple Auto Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A simple auto lease is an official document of lease agreement between a lessor and a lessee, in which the lessee rents an automobile from a lessor, for a specific number of days. The lease document must include the details of agreement such as model number, vehicle number, amount of lease, the lease number, and the other terms and condition of the lease agreement.

Sample Simple Auto Lease:

This auto lease, 112765, signed on this 5th day of December, 2011, states that Mr. Harriet Gomes rents a car for a period of one month. The terms and conditions of the lease agreement are mentioned below.

Name of the lessor: Speed Auto Leasing Agency, Chicago.

Address: 23, Godwin Lane, Chicago- 23.

Model of the car leased: Panash 240G. The vehicle plate number is 535J66.

Name of Lessee: Mr. Harriet Gomes.

Address of Lessee: 10, Brigade Street, Chicago- 56.

This auto lease is valid from 5th day of December, 2011 to 5th day of January, 2012.

This is to be mentioned that an amount of $ 30,000 has been paid by the lessee as advance amount, and the remaining amount of $ 20,000 will be paid at the end of lease term. All documents of the lessee which includes photocopy of driving license, residential address proof, photo identity proof, have been submitted to the lessee. If the lessee causes any damage to the rented vehicle, then an amount of $ 25,000 will be charged from him. This lease is signed at the presence of Mr. John Phillips (attorney at law). Any breach of contract in this regard will be penalized.

We hereby agree to the above terms and conditions, and mutually agree to sign the lease.

________________________                                                ________________________

(Signature of lessor)                                                                              (Signature of lessee)

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