Simple Farm Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A simple farm lease is a statement of a lease deal in clear cut language that carries no complicated legal terms. It is a straightforward rental agreement covering all the fundamentals of the lease to make an effortless and easy-going lease deal. The document is essential for taking on a farm lease in which a land is hired for definite reasons.

Sample Simple Farm Lease

Simple Farm Lease

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Farm lease number: 9339270

This farm lease has been struck between the lesser or landowner, J.J Leasing Companies and the lessee or tenant, Mr. Oscar Knight on 16th May, 2011. Under the terms stated below, the landowner hereby leases a farmland to the tenant of estimated 6 acres, located in Highland County.

The following details serve as the lease conditions:

  • The date of beginning of the lease is 5th June, 2011 and the date of its expiry is 7th October, 2011 indicating that the tenant can hold possession from the former date and will have to relinquish possession on the latter date.
  • Term extensions will be welcomed via written notices preferably 2 months prior to the expiry of the proposed term.
  • Rental rates of 6% against the total cost of the land will be charged on a monthly basis from the time of lease commencement. The tenant has agreed to pay the total rent of $600 per month.
  • The farm will be conserved by the tenant with all the required repairs, maintenance, and renovations as agreed by him.
  • Any modification or alteration to the lease will have to be made on mutual accord.

Signature: Jane Jovial

Oscar Knight

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