Simple Residential Lease

By | April 3, 2012

A simple residential lease consists of the most basic points, terms and conditions to be included when one creates a lease agreement. It need not be written in a long, complicated and full of legal jargon and can be understood by ordinary people. A simple residential lease agreement must mention that the lease is only applicable for residential purposes and is not meant to be used for commercial or official reasons. The names of the landlord and the tenant must be mentioned and the rent amount should be clearly included. Some lease documents also mention points like the term of the lease, notice period, security deposit amount, utilities terms, mode of payment and termination conditions.

Sample Simple Residential Lease:

This residential lease agreement has been made on March 14, 2012 by Daniel Lautner, the owner of the property, henceforth to be mentioned as the landlord, and Lilly James to whom the property has been leased, henceforth to be known as the tenant.

  • Property Address: 33 Sea View Drive, Galveston
  • Rent per month: $1,600
  • Refundable security deposit: $5,000
  • Term: 1 year

Terms and Conditions:

  • The tenant has the right to use the property for residential usage and shall pay the rent within the first 3 days of the month
  • An advanced notice of 30 days must be given by both parties
  • The landlord shall pay for major repairs in the house

The undersigned understand and accept the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Signature (Landlord):                   Date: March 14, 2012

Signature (Tenant):                     Date: March 14, 2012

Signature (Witness):                    Date: March 14, 2012

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