Small Business Copier Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A small business copier lease generally puts forth a set of rules and regulations that govern the drawing up of a lease of copiers to be used for business purposes, on a small scale. It should be framed in a lucid manner to present every clause distinctly and in an understandable way for the lessee to know his duties and limits as well.

Sample Small Business Copier Lease:

Copier Lease No.: 4738967

This small business copier lease has been prepared to confirm that I, Marc Travolta, as lessee, have taken four (4) Ricoh copiers [model nos. 1256 – 1259] on lease for the purpose of a small business I run at my own apartment [Madison Apartments, London], from the leaser and owner of the Ricoh Group of Companies, Henry Richards, for a period of two years [2nd August, 2011 – 2nd August, 2013]. The particulars of the deal have been illustrated below:

  • The lease has been drawn up on the 2nd day of August and will remain valid to this day of the year 2013 [2nd August, 2013].
  • A cheque [cheque number: 563286] has already been issued to make the initial payment of $ 370000, while the rest of the lease payment [$ 230000] will be done after the termination of the contract.
  • All income and residential proofs and also the driving license have been duly submitted. [Check the attested photocopies of the documents enclosed herein]
  • The lease places all rights of the copiers on the lessee, who will be held responsible for any damage caused to the assets, in part or whole.
  • The act will then fall under the category of “breach of contract”, and will be deemed punishable under the law. The lessee might even be fined [$200000] or imprisoned.


_______________________________________ [Marc Travolta]

_______________________________________ [Henry Richards]

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