Standard Equipment Lease

By | August 29, 2011

A standard equipment lease refers to a lease contract whereby a company leases out equipment by stating and unfolding the standard equipment requirements for the formalization of the deal. It is made on fixed legal terms and the statements are written, checked, rectified and sanctioned duly before giving any final consent. Thus, it is a crucial document authorising any equipment lease.

Sample Standard Equipment Lease

Standard Equipment Lease

Download Standard Equipment Lease

Equipment lease number: 4622228

This standard equipment lease rests on the acceptance and approval of a lease deal between K.K Malta Group of Equipment Business and Future Copier Company who have entered into the contract by reading, understanding and accepting the following terms and conditions:

Equipments’ details:

  • The nature of equipment leased is Copier.
  • The quantity/number of copiers leased out is 3 of model number CP36262, CP36263 and CP36264 manufactured in the year 2008-2009.
  • The manufacturers are a decade old in manufacturing and leasing of copiers and have almost monopolised this business with their legal understanding and business experiences.

Participants’ details:

  • The main office of the leasing firm is located at 4, Stone Road, Bristol. Its official contact number is 4622687.
  • The address of the lessee is 6, Hamilton Avenue and his personal contact number is 837388903.

Contract details:

  • The lease term is due to begin on 4th August, 2011 and end on 4th August, 2012.
  • Payments will be made in advance along with the total taxes applicable. The amount to be paid in advance is $5, 00, 000.

Lesser Signature: K.K Malta

Lessee Signature: Dem Future

Date: 5th March. 2011

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