Standard Farm Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A standard farm lease refers to a lease consensus between two participants out of which one participant is ready to transfer his ownership rights of a farm to the other in exchange of money under the standard norms and rules. It is construed by conforming to the standard lease domains consisting of principles, tenure, payments, and other flexible/constant conditions.

Sample Standard Farm Lease

Standard Farm Lease

Download Standard Farm Lease

Farm lease number: 46292649

This farm lease is certified under the mutual consent of the landowner, Mr. Harry Joe, residing at 4, Lemont Road, Liverpool, UK and the tenant, Miss Janet Folk, residing at 2B, Cock Junction, Everton, UK on 7th November, 2011 that has been laid down under the following standard conditions:

The landowner has leased a land of 4 acres, located on the western border of the Lilly Garden for cultivation purpose wherein the land will be put to use for cropping.

The lease will become active from 10th December, 2011 and will continue to be so till 10th February, 2012.

An initial payment of $5000 has been made vide cheque number 24937299 as security deposit. A rental payment of $700 will be made annually after the commencement of the term.

The tenant will have to take physical care of the farm and damage to the inlets, drains, ditches, soil, grasses and water bodies will be counted as punishable felony amounting to penalization.

The attested documents pertaining to the income, farm licence, identity and residential authenticity have been submitted.

The deed has been closed in the witness of Advocate Steward Reynolds.

Signature: Harry Joe

Janet Folk

Steward Reynolds

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