Standard Hunting Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A standard hunting lease comes through as a lease prepared and followed according to the standard procedures and guidelines given under the state hunting laws. It is constructed and executed in a systematic manner after the standard rules, the conformity with which results in smooth lease deal with minimum legal complications. Hence, the maker is required to be fully aware of the lease rules.

You can Download the Free Standard Hunting Lease, customize it according to your needs and Print. Standard Hunting Lease is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Standard Hunting Lease

Standard Hunting Lease

Download Standard Hunting Lease

Hunting lease number: 9470390

This hunting lease has been closed by the proposal and positive reciprocation of Hammond Rowland (hunter) and Laser Pitch (landowner) respectively, who have mutually given permit to the activation and execution of a hunting lease on a specified plot of land located in the address given along.

The standard lease propositions are given below:

  • The lease has been settled for a period of one year starting from 5th March, 2011 and completing on 5th March, 2012. It may be renewed at the end of the term through written announcement.
  • The hunting will be allowed only in the location proposed (excluding the restricted areas) and of the inhabitants (excluding the prohibited species).
  • Leasing fee will be charged on 3rd of every month and the hunter will be slapped with penalty if he fails to make the payments within time. The fee has been fixed at $500 per month.
  • The lease will stand cancelled if the hunter transfers the hunting rights granted to him to another party without written approval of the landowner and he may be subjected to prosecution.

Signature: Hammond Rowland

Laser Pitch

Date: 5th February, 2011

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