Tenant Breaking Lease

By | July 9, 2012

The lease breaking initiated by the tenant is done when the tenant desires to end the contractual lease agreement between the landlord and him before the expiry of the predetermined rental period. This can be done for numerous reasons such as unhappiness with the property or object leased or no further usefulness for it by the tenant or may be because of transfer or other reasons.  The action must be taken at least few days in advance and should be sent to the landlord as a legal notice stating the reason for breaking of lease.

Sample Tenant Breaking Lease

This is the mutual agreement on the termination of the lease which was formed between Marko Polo,  the landlord and Brad John, the tenant for the lease of a residential property located at 234, Uphill Road, Euston, United States on 1st April 2011 for 2 years.

In consideration of the early release from the existing lease contract due to his emergency transfer to London, the tenant agrees to the following.

  • The tenant shall pay the rent of the property leased until the end of lease period or it is occupied by another tenant which ever happens first.
  • Forfeiture of 50% of the security deposit after accounting for any damages as agreed in the original lease document.
  • Any additional charges related to the lease break like damage, cleaning, key charges or any other outstanding balance shall also be deducted from the remaining security deposit.
  • Surrenders all rights and possession of the leased premises immediately to the landlord and vacant the property after the completion of this document.


  • In contemplation of breaking the lease 6 months earlier the tenant has an outstanding balance of $ 10000, which must be settled by 30th September 2012. The Tenant hereby recognized the reception of this contract and the landlord hereby release the tenant from all liabilities and duties related to the lease.

The parties to this agreement have executed this document on 15th September 2012.

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