Tenant Lease Form

By | April 23, 2012

The tenant lease form is created for the purpose of stating the terms and conditions of a tenant lease. This must contain both the owner and the tenant’s point of view. It is necessary that this form emphasizes on the rent and payment aspects. Such a form must be filed under the strict supervision of an attorney. This should be constructed according to the laws of tenancy of the particular state. It is also important that all clauses are stated and proper space is given for all the guidelines for all clauses.

Sample Tenant Lease Form:

Date: _________

Tenant Name: ___________________________

Landlord: ___________________

Property Leased: _____________________________________________


The landlord, hereby, leases the premises to Tenant, and Tenant leases the same from landlord, beginning ____________ and ending_____________.

  • All obligations will be met which includes __________________________, __________________, _______________________ and ______________________________________________________________.
  • The security deposit of $ ______________ made at the beginning of the term is refundable only after a period of ____ days/ months/ years commence.
  • All requests for services will be given proper attention to.


  • Tenant shall pay the landlord: $______ and from _____________ to _____________
  • This will increase from ______________ to $_______________
  • All payments must be cleared by ________ (date) at the end of every month/ six months/ other

This contract was compiled under the witness of:

  • Witness 1: __________________________
  • Witness 2: __________________________

Both parties are aware of the legal obligations and consequences for failing to do so.

Attorney of Landlord: _______________________

Attorney of Tenant:  ________________________

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