Tenant Lease Letter

By | April 23, 2012

A tenant lease letter is a document which outlines a request of permission by a potential lessee to his lessor, regarding the leasing of an apartment or any piece of property. It is not a legal document but it can be used as circumstantial evidence in case of a complaint or accusation of malpractice. The tenant lease letter must outline the conditions of the agreement, like duration, nature of lease, financial transactions to be made and so on.

Sample Tenant Lease Letter


Joseph Hall

34 Mapleton Street

New York

Date: 23rd January 2012

Subject: Request for Tenancy

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that the following is an outline of the tenant lease agreement [number 45475] that shall be set down in the Civil Court of New York on the 25th of March 2012. The main outline of the document shall be as follows:

  • Date of commencement: 1st June 2012.
  • Date of termination: 1st June 2013.
  • Duration of tenancy: 1 year.
  • Property to be leased: 23rd Conman Street, New York.
  • Purpose of lease: The apartment shall be leased only for family occupancy.
  • Initial security deposit: 1000 USD.
  • Monthly rental to be paid over a year: 500 USD.

All the terms and conditions to be incorporated in the document have been attached in the annex document to this letter. I request you to peruse them carefully and respond with any alterations or changes that you would like the document to incorporate.

Thanking you,

Daniel Cleaver

23 Rosewood Avenue

New Jersey

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