Tenant Lease Security

By | April 23, 2012

Tenant lease security is a form of legal warrant issued by the landlord to his tenants guaranteeing the habitability of the house leased. The document protects the tenant’s rights to rent a safe and livable residence that has been well maintained and may not be prone to accidents. It is supposed to be in accordance with the New York State Law that states that the landlords need to lease only safe habitable housing for their tenants.

Sample Tenant Lease Security

Tenant lease security no.: 7563914

Abiding by the New York State Law on Tenant Lease and House Security, I, Sirius Black as the landlord of Fabliving Housing Complex, Senater Street, New York, proclaim that the housing rented to Albus Dumbledore (lessee) is in safe and habitable condition. The details of the statement are given below:

  • The abovementioned apartment was leased on the agreement of a monthly rental of 250$ and a refundable security deposit of 3500$.
  • The lease is valid for three years from November 18, 2009- November 17, 2012.
  • The apartment has been protected against all kinds of foreseeable criminal acts. It has been provided with automated self-closing gates and doors with functional locks, two-way security intercom, secure postboxes, window shields and peepholes.
  • If the locks need to be changed for any purpose, the tenant must inform and provide the landlord with a duplicate key, failing which the landlord may be at the liberty to evict the tenant.
  • The apartment is well lighted and is equipped with fire alarm, smoke detector, security alarm and carbon mono-oxide alarms for the safety of the tenants.
  • As per the New York State Law, the tenant may utilize the “deduct and repair” protocol against the landlord if the apartment fails to comply with the prevalent security and safety laws of the state


Landlord – __________________________

Tenant – ____________________________

Date: November 15, 2009.

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