Tenant Lease Template

By | June 15, 2011

A tenant lease template is a guiding document for the landlord to carry out the legal procedures of a lease. It accommodates the obligations binding on the tenant as a consequence of hiring a property from the respective owner. He is allowed to lease the property for business purpose. However, it has to be clearly mentioned in the deal before striking it up with the landlord and it must have permission from the latter.

Sample Tenant Lease Template

This tenant lease is an authentication of the agreement made between the landlord and the tenant with regard to proprietorship of a particular apartment. It clearly mentions the dates of occupancy and the tenant will be legally compelled to vacate the apartment after the stipulated time. The conditions should be clarified through the lease contract to avoid confusion or conflict later. Following are the contract details:

Name and address of lesser: __________________________ [Give appropriate details of the tenant]

Name and address of the lessee: ________________________ [Give appropriate details of the landlord]]

Date on which the lease is certified: _____________________ [Give correct date]

The details of the house are as follows:

  • Address: __________________________
  • Area: ___________________________
  • Current price: ____________________ [Mention the cost of the property in figures]
  • Current state: _____________________[Mention if any defacement is present]

Date of commencement and expiry of lease: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy] to __________________ [dd/mm/yy].

Reason behind leasing: _____________________ [state the purpose of leasing the house]

Details of the witnesses:

  • Witness 1: ___________________________
  • Witness 2: ___________________________

Signature of lesser: _______________________

Signature of lessee: ______________________

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