Tenant Lease Termination

By | April 23, 2012

The tenant lease termination is a legal document wherein the tenant gives a legal notice to the landlord stating the termination of the lease. This must contain details about the property which had been previously leased, the rent payment details and the location. The tenant must then move on to explaining the reasons for termination clearly. This notice must be given at least two weeks in advance so that the landlord is also able to draw up the necessary legal procedures and documents. It is the best practice to consult a lawyer while drawing up a termination notice.

Sample Tenant Lease Termination

The following tenant termination lease was created and issued on 3.4.2011 for the purpose of terminating the lease contract filed.

Lease Contract Overview

Parties Involved:

  • Owner: Ms. Monica Bing
  • Tenant: Mr. Chandler Gellar

Property Details:

  • A one bedroom apartment, not furnished.
  • Located in 33 Privet Drive, Ohio.  Close to the Central Hospital and the bus station.
  • Period of lease: 5 years, subject to renewal on request.
  • Date of signing lease: 3.5.2010

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • Rent paid per month: $2,300
  • Maintenance: $900
  • Other charges: $400
  • Tax: $200
  • Payment date: 30th of every month

Termination Notice:

  • Mr. Chandler Bing, hereby, states that he will not be leasing the property due to poor plumbing conditions provided and refusal to rectify this even after several requests.
  • Mr. Bing requests a return of the security deposit of $4,000 within two weeks of this notice.

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