Termination Lease Rental Letter

By | December 29, 2012

A termination lease rental letter is a letter which is written in the case when one of the two parties or both the parties involved in a lease rental agreement decide to terminate it. The letter is written by one of the parties to the other/others in order to give information about the clauses based on which the termination is taking place.

The letter consists of the termination date, terms and conditions and other details of the lease rental agreement. Given below is one such sample of a termination lease rental letter which can be used by you for the purpose of reference.

Sample Termination Lease Rental Letter


Greg Fredrick

A-89, first floor,

Henry tower, G Street


Date: 24th Nov 2012

Subject: Termination of lease rental agreement

Dear Mr. Fredrick

I, Steven Fleming, the LESSOR am writing this letter to you to inform you that the termination date of the lease rental is come close and you may be required to evacuate the office space before 25th Dec 2012. You being the LESSEE in the agreement signed between us as on 25th Dec 2011 would have to settle all the dues before the termination date of the lease rental.

The terms and condition of the termination of lease rental are given as follows:

  • The LESSEE shall pay all unpaid lease payments before the termination date and also evacuate the office space put on lease one week in advance.
  • The LESSOR has the right to use legal action if the LESSEE fails to make the payment or vacate the space.
  • The LESSEE must leave the office space in the same condition as it was handed over to him.

Details of office space:

Address: F-78, second floor, Jacky tower, London

Rental payment per month: $300

Unpaid amount: $300

Hope you shall consider this letter and are satisfied with all the terms and conditions

Thanking you

Steven Fleming

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