Termination of Rental Lease Letter

By | January 23, 2014

The termination of rental lease letter is one that terminates the lessee and lessor relationship in a rental lease agreement. This document specifies the penalties and specifications in case of sudden termination of the lease agreement. This termination of rental lease letter gives a chance for the lessee or lessor to plan and prepare for the next steps after the termination of lease agreement. A sample letter is given below for reference.

Sample Termination of Rental Lease Letter


Mr. Roderick Decussate,

#1, Cheshire, London, UA33

Date: – 25th December 2010

Sub: Rental Lease Termination

Dear Mr. Roderick,

I am writing this letter to communicate termination of rental lease that has been entered between you and me as lessor and lessee as given below:

  • Lessor: Mr. Roderick Decussate
  • Lessee:  Lisa Haden

This is in effect of the residential apartment located at House No-18, 19th Floor, Sun Rock North Avenue, Toronto Canada which was leased out to lessee on 14th April 2010 for the period of 1 year. Now the lessee wants to terminate the lease agreement before the completion of 1 year due to some personal reasons.

Terms and conditions for the termination of lease by the lessee

  • The lessee has agreed to pay for all the loss incurred by the lessor due to early termination of lease agreement.
  • As two months are left for the completion of the lease period, lessee will pay the two months’ rent to the lessor as a penalty for early termination.
  • The lessee and lessor will sign this termination agreement before finishing the lease agreement.
  • Lessor will refund the security deposit to the lessee on the clearance of all the dues, rent and penalty amount.

Please acknowledge receipt of this termination so that we can complete the termination process totally.

Yours truly,

Lisa Haden

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