Ultrasound Equipment Lease

By | August 9, 2011

An ultrasound equipment lease is a document which outlines the terms by which a lease agreement will be effected. An ultrasound equipment lease must also outline the condition of the equipment and all other particulars which must be mentioned in order to create a watertight document. It is legally sanctioned and thus efforts must be preserved to maintain accuracy at all costs.

Sample Ultrasound Equipment Lease:

The following document is an agreement which testifies to the leasing of two ultrasound machines by Medico Equipment [henceforth referred to as the lessor] to SuperMed Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth referred to as the lessee], The duration of the ultrasound equipment lease is two years. The date of commencement is 1st June 2011 and the date of termination of the lease document is 1st June 2113. The ultrasound equipments are absolutely new and they are of the model 73456JH327. The lessee shall take care to maintain the condition of the equipment and submit them to the lessor upon the termination of the contract in the proper condition.

The terms and condition of the ultrasound equipment lease must be adhered to and read carefully and understood in all its complexities. The machines shall be used only for the purpose of medical services and any breach of contract shall be penalized severely. All disputes that arise with regards to this lease agreement shall fall under the jurisprudence of the New York State Court.

Signature of lessor: _______________________________

Signature of the lessee: ___________________________

Signature of advocate: ______________________________

Date: 1st May 2011

Place: New York

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