Used Car Auto Lease

By | August 9, 2011

Used car auto lease is certainly a deal that places the right of an automobile, that has been used for a particular span of time, on an individual who has now legally declared to take the used car on lease for his/ her personal, business or whatever otherwise purposes. The document should be prepared in a clear and concise manner to make every involved party understand its terms and conditions.

Sample Used Car Auto Lease:

This is to confirm that the Audi [model number: 1066, License code: 1066A89], which had been in use for the last five years [1st November, 2005 – 1st November, 2010], has been decided to be taken on lease [lease number: 374892] by me, Robert Jones, the lessor, for the time period of 2nd November, 2010 to the 18th of September, 2012, from the leaser and owner of Big Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Steve Mark. The contract has been given in details below:

  • Validity date(s) of the lease: 2nd November, 2010 – 18th September, 2012.
  • The Audi has been used for a span of five years that is, from the 1st day of November, 2005 to the 1st of November, 2010 and is in quite a favourable condition to be used effectively during the lease term.
  • The initial slot of payment [$ 56000] has been made clear and the remaining [$ 30000] will be paid soon after the end of the lease.
  • Witnesses: Mr. Gieve Butler [law attorney] and Miss Jemima Roberts.
  • Any breach of contract will be the sole responsibility of the lessee who will be legally penalized for the act.


______________________________________________________ [Robert Jones]

______________________________________________________ [Steve Mark]

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