Venue Lease Contract

By | July 11, 2012

A venue lease contract is a formal document or arrangement which is made between a LESSOR and a LESSEE where the lessor is the person or party who agrees to lease a venue to the lessee for certain duration of time. In such contracts, the lessee must pay a lease amount to the lessor for the usage of the venue.

Sample Venue Lease Contract


The venue lease contract is formed on 23rd December 2012

Details of both the parties forming the contract are as follows:

Details of LESSOR:

Name: Mr. Warren hasting

Address: 34 new lane New Jersey, US

Phone number:3210094866

Details of LESSEE:

Name: Miss Clara Jennings

Address: 14 west flat no.32, New Jersey, US

Phone number:3201123411

Details of the VENUE to be rented:

Address: wane district, hall number 5

Duration of contract: 1 day

Timings for the event: from 11.30 am to 9 pm

Payment to be made by LESSEE: 3000$

Date of the event: 2nd January 2013

Purpose of the event: reception party

The venue consists of two halls with one large ground and only furniture and decorations would be included in the cost of venue. Catering and other important necessities are not to be included with the cost of the venue.

Terms and conditions:

  1. LESSEE is required to do the payment for leasing the venue in advance to the LESSOR.
  2. Any damage to the property of the venue would be charged to the LESSEE by the consent of the LESSOR.
  3. For any miss behavior or wrong doing on the part of any of the guest of LESSEE, the LESSOR will not be responsible for it.
  4. The LESSEE needs to take responsibility to see that the event is conducted on time and also vacated on time, so that the hall can be free when needed by others.

Signatures of both parties:

Signature of the LESSEE:

Signature of the LESSOR:

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