Warehouse Lease Agreement

By | August 9, 2011

A warehouse lease agreement is clearly a document that will put forth all legal elements inherent to the deed, subject to both the lessor and the lessee, for the agreement of leasing a warehouse for relevant issues, for a definite span of time which will also be an essential part of the text.

Sample Warehouse Lease Agreement:

This warehouse lease agreement [lease number: 562489] has been signed on confirmation of the fact that it has been properly read and understood by all the involved parties, who have approved of all the propositions and vowed to strictly abide by them. Any illegal conduct will be treated as a breach of contract and taken as offence. The agreement has been given in details below:

Type of the lease: The property is being leased for warehousing purposes, to store imported raw materials for the manufacture of dresses.

The lease strictly restricts the use of the premises that form a part of the property but have not been assigned to the lessee in this agreement. Also, the property should not be used for any other purposes.

Name of lessor: Matthew Robinson

Owner of Albert Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 66, Lincoln Street, New York

Name of lessee: Robert Martin

Address: 43, Hamlin Avenue, New York.

The lease will remain valid from the 15th of June, 2011 to 15th December, 2011

A monthly rent of $1350 is to be paid within the first week of every month.

Property leased: 11 – D, Carlton Apartments [Albert Properties], New York

Area covered: 4000 sq feet

Pricing: $ 9400000

Witnesses of the agreement:

  • Jevilla Rogers
  • Attorney Tom Stevenson

I promise to follow the rules of the land and have provided all possible documents herein.


________________________________________ [lessor]

________________________________________ [lessee]

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