Weekly Lease Agreement

By | August 9, 2011

A weekly lease agreement, as clear from the term, is a document that outlines the norms and regulations which apply to a lease which is drawn up on a weekly basis, that is, the lease will be valid for a week only and dictates the lessee to necessarily clear all weekly rentals.

Sample Weekly Lease Agreement:

Lease number 562983 is an agreement that confirms a weekly lease to Miss Serena Pitt [address: 56, Palm Lake Road, New Jersey], the lessee, for residential purposes, by lessor Thomas Peterson [address: 16, Rison Lane, New Jersey], owner of Maddox Apartments, from the 15th day to the 22nd day of June, 2011. All terms and conditions have been thoroughly read and understood by both the parties who have vowed to follow each term strictly, disobeying which will hold them punishable under law.  The particulars of the agreement include:

  • The lessee is to pay an advance of $ 3400 to the lessor.
  • The lessee can only use the assigned premises. Use of any portion of the property that has not been included in the lease, will be punishable.
  • Maintenance and security of the respective property will be the responsibility of the lessee, failing to conduct which he may be fined with an amount of $ 15000 and can also be imprisoned.
  • The lessee is allowed to have necessary repairing done but alterations without the lessor’s permission is strictly restricted.

Property on lease: 4/ II, Maddox Apartments, New Jersey

Area: 1000 sq feet

Cost: $40000

Witnesses for the agreement:

  • Roger Pitt
  • Jim Martin
  • Advocate Leo Paul Mark

I have approved of all terms and conditions and will abide by the state rules.


[Signature of lessor]


[Signature of lessee]

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