What is a Commercial Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A lease is generally a legal agreement between a lessor and lessee in which the tenant occupies a particular property for a certain span of time. They are typically concerned with hundreds and thousands of dollars and regularly span five to twenty years. Commercial leases can indeed be intimidating since this document contains lengthy information that too with arcane, boilerplate language. But one ought to have a working knowledge of the lease they are working with which can otherwise prove harmful for the one who is taking the lease. The importance of a commercial lease has been enlisted below:

  • The choice of a commercial space is very important in dictating the success of a business. When we have found the proper commercial space, a commercial lease agreement is to be signed that would authorize us to use that particular space.
  • A commercial lease agreement is a thoroughly written document by the tenant of its landlord’s commercial property.
  • A commercial lease is mostly subjected to more negotiations between the lessor and the lessee or the business owners because businessmen are generally in search of an appropriate space with all the facilities for their business.
  • A majority of the commercial leases are not made up on standard agreement since they are generally modified to the needs of the landlord.
  • Most of the commercial leases do not fall under the laws on consumer protection that covers residential leases.
  • These kind of leases are binding and used for long term purposes. This lease cannot be easily broken or amended since it is a legally bound contract. Besides, a huge sum of money is at stake in these commercial leases

Nevertheless, if these lease agreement is studied carefully, then any chance of rise of legal issue is very unlikely and almost impossible, the only condition been that the document has to be read carefully and technically.

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