What is a Copier Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A copier lease is a document which deals with the terms and conditions of a transaction between a lessor and a lessee regarding the exchange of copier machines. It is a document that has legal validity, and thus, the conditions laid down in the copier lease must be adhered to very firmly. In case of a breach of clause, legal action may be initiated against the offending party on the discretion of the aggrieved entity. A copier lease may be effected between individuals or between organizations. Whatever the precise nature of the agreement may be, it must be written very carefully. Both parties must be aware of the terms and conditions of the copier lease and the document must be written by a professionals equipped to incorporate the technicalities of the agreement. Some of the important aspects to be included while framing a copier lease are as follows:

  • Clarity: A copier lease, like any lease document, must be clear and cogent. All the points should be clearly mentioned and care should be taken to remove all ambiguities.
  • Accuracy: All information provided in the copier lease must be accurate and factual. Any error that may inadvertently creep in will seriously jeopardize the credibility of the copier lease.
  • Details: The copier lease must incorporate every aspect of the deal, including payment, duration, details of the lessor and lessee as well as details regarding the copier machines to be exchanged.
  • Credibility: The copier lease, being a legal document, must be credible and authentic. Care should be taken to ensure that the required legal authentication is obtained. Sometimes, ratification must be needed by a public notary and this should be obtained.

Thus, a copier lease must be written keeping in mind its nature as a legal document outlining the terms and conditions that shall underlie the lease agreement.

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