What is a Hunting Lease

By | September 26, 2011

A hunting lease is a form of agreement that exists between the private land owner and the interested hunter party. This lease enumerates the different terms and conditions which enables the hunter to hunt for sport in the land owner’s property. The hunting lease is commonly drawn these days especially with the short supply of public sporting grounds.  This should clearly state the different hunting conditions that are needed to be followed and maintained by the hunter. There are essentially three types of hunting leases: non fee access lease, exchange of services lease and fee hunting lease. The first two do not charge any fee but expect an exchange of services from the hunter. The fee hunting lease charges a specific fee to the hunter for the use of the land. There are certain points that should be kept in mind while formulating the hunting lease:

  • The names of both parties, the hunter and the landowner, should be mentioned clearly for legal purposes.
  • All guidelines must be specified clearly. The expectations of the landowner and the hunter should be clearly stated to avoid any type of misunderstanding.
  • The time should be specified in the lease. Hunting leases can be both short term and long term and hence, this must be clearly stated for convenience.
  • Generally, a lawyer or a professional should be hired for making the hunting lease to maintain a neutral ground for both parties
  • The modes of payment should be specified along with specific clauses about the time of hunting and use of the land.
  • Restrictions in terms of permission or prohibition of outsiders, maintenance of property and environmental precautions should be mentioned in the hunting lease.
  • Insurance information should also be divulged in the lease both from the landowner and the hunter’s side.

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