What is a Lease Letter

By | November 2, 2011

A lease letter is constructed with a specific intent of dealing with the leasing of property. The letter can be addressed to either the leaser or the user. This elaborates the need to pursue certain action with regards to leasing whether it is for extension of the leasing period, payment installment modifications, termination of the lease or just an appeal to rent a property. These letters can be constructed by a solicitor if they deal with certain legal rights of the leaser or the user. The lease letters can be for commercial as well personal property leasing.

Categories of Lease Letters:

  • Letter of Intent to Lease
  • Letter of Termination of Lease
  • Letter of Extension of Lease
  • Letter of Rent Management

There are various other types of letter that deal specifically with the leasing process. The purpose of the letter should be clearly stated. This should be created in a coherent and organized manner so as to ensure all conditions are understood. The following points must be kept in mind:

  • Mention who the letter is being addressed to as well as the nature of the lease that is being depicted in the letter.
  • The details of the property should also be elaborated and the terms of usage of the property should be mentioned in case this letter is intended for the purpose of leasing.
  • The letter should acknowledge that all obligations that have been mentioned in the lease contract will be abided by. In case of termination of lease, the reasons should be clearly mentioned.
  • The letters for extension should mention the user’s willingness to agree to the new terms and conditions as set by the leaser.
  • Ensure to write the lease letters in a tone of a formal request yet with a clear approach as this can be used for future record purposes.

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