What to Know Before Leasing a Car (Infographic)

By | April 8, 2013

If you are thinking of leasing a car, then here’s a list of things you should know:

It is a fact that as of 2010, 20% of all the new cars have been leased and a total of 6.5% of the leased cars in America are acquired without a road test. Some of the best luxury cars to lease include GMC Yukon Denali, Cadillac STS-V, Jaguar S-type, Mercedes Benz CLK Convertible, Audi A4 Cabrio, Mercedes-Benz SLK and Cadillac DTS Performance.

Some of the positives of leasing a car are: monthly payments are generally 30% to 60% lower when you lease a car, repair and maintenance are usually covered in the lease itself, a car can be leased without down payment, most of the leases don’t cost more than $275 per month whereas the average monthly payment on a purchased car is $479. On the other hand, the negatives of leasing a car are: the mileage limit of a leased car is 10000 miles per year, a leased car is a borrowed car and a leased car cannot be modified in any way.

Some of the reasons why people skipped their car lease in 2012 are gas prices, wanted a new car, financial concerns, insurance costs and maintenance issues.


What to know before leasing a car

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