Wind Farm Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A wind farm lease is an important document that puts forth the various terms and conditions which bind a project that is to utilize a certain farmland, to be taken on lease, for a specific time period so as to harness and develop wind power. Such a lease should outline all relevant details of the agreement, so as to benefit both the lesser and the lessee.

Sample Wind Farm Lease:

Wind Farm Lease

Download Wind Farm Lease

Lease number: 582392

This wind farm lease is to confirm that I, Jeremy Clifford, as lessor, have leased a farm land [plot no.: VX 3748] to lessee Michael John for utilizing it in setting up a wind turbine [model no.: ES-1836] which is to serve as an effective source of wind energy in the adjacent areas, from the 17th June, 2011. Both the parties have agreed to be bound sincerely to the agreement till the 18th June, 2013. The details of this lease have been mentioned below:

  • Date(s) of validity: 17th June, 2011 – 18th June, 2011.
  • Payment done: An initial payment of $2575000 has been cleared through cheque [cheque no.: 37281] and the remaining $456000 will be paid on completion of the lease term.
  • Proofs submitted: Identity proof of farmer, license, residential proof records, and income certificate. Attested photocopies have been duly attested and enclosed herein.
  • The lease has been signed in presence of respected attorney general Mark Steve Peterson.
  • The farm allotted on lease is to be strictly utilized for wind power generation and related purposes. Any other use of the farm will be considered as a breach of contract.
  • In case of a breach of contract the lessee will be held legally responsible and will be fined with a sum of $235900 and/ or will have to spend an imprisonment term of upto five years.


_____________________________ [lessee]

_____________________________ [lessor]

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